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Chronicles Of Aerthe

One of the most highly anticipated games of 2016. Fantasy in the post industrial age and across the Known Realms.

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The District

Post-Apocalyptic Roleplay like none other.

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Making the Micro Games that have challenged the way you play.

Rogue Blade

Who we are
We love building worlds and creating Tales of adventure and magic

We started off as FeralGames, creating 5 star rated Micro games for you to download and play, but then we suddenly expanded, our team grew and with that we decided to reinvent ourselves into Rogue Blade Games, FeralGames still exists and will continue to make those great micro Games you all love, but as Rogue Blade we can make bigger worlds and tell bigger stories. We are developing Card Games and Boardgames as well as exciting new Roleplaying Games with some of the best Artists and Writers in the industry, we listen and talk to our followers and we get our community involved on every level. So check us out and get involved in the world you want to explore.

  • We are all Players

  • We love building new worlds.

  • Our worlds are full of danger and thrills.

  • We listen to what you have to say.

Our Team

The Artists and Writers that make the worlds we build come to life

Simon Adams

Principle Artist
Simon has been with FeralGames from the beginning and has be principle artist on Undeath and Chronicles of Aerthe.

Rob Last

Rob joined up with us in 2016 and began by illustrating one of our most successful Rpg’s ‘The Zombie Squad’. He is now the one of the Artists working on Chronicles of Aerthe.


Writer and Founder
Jay built FeralGames in 2015 as an output for his Micro Rpg’s he enjoyed building, he never thought it would become what is is today. He is humbled by the great team he is part of. Jay is also head writer for Chronicles of Aerthe.

Kostas Kiriakis

Kostas heads up our Tales of the Wyrd division. Helping you create great worlds whilst building some of his own. If you have a game Idea it will be Kostas that will help out

Christopher T Nugent

An upcoming Writer and Trained Editor, Chris is our newest member to the Team, he basically makes everything we write make sense.

Talk to us.

We are always happy to listen to the Community so get in touch.